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Advocates in Delhi is one of the leading law firms in the city. The law firm offers comprehensive services in the civil, commercial and criminal law of the country. The legal firm has created the teams of lawyers to deal with the different cases under various laws of the country. The firm can be contacted for the wide range of cases from family mattters, divorce matters to joint ventures, property cases, business - related cases and taxation cases.

The legal suggestions and services are provided through the services of highly qualified and experienced lawyers. What makes the legal firm the best law firm in Delhi is its specialised services presented by the lawyers with specialisation in various laws of the country. The corporate cases are handled by the lawyers with specialisation in the corporate law. Similarly, the family law cases are dealt by the lawyers with specialisation in various family laws and proceedings.

The knowledge and experience of the legal firm enable the clients from various background to get the effective legal services at the afforable prices. The lawyers of the firm have presented the cases in various courts, tribunals of the country. The firm has the Best High court lawyers in Delhi with experience to take cases under civil, criminal and commercial laws before the high court. The systematic preparations of the cases by involving the client and collecting the all relevant evidence help the lawyers to get the desired results in the few hearings.

We believe only in one philosophy which is to establish a profound client and attorney relationship which we perform as per the requirements, demands and the will of our esteemed patrons with all the versatility and with complete dedication. We are the Best law firm in Delhi which aims in achieving the best possible results and always derive the best outputs of the legal fields despite even in the most challenging circumstances.



The mission of ACP Gautam & Associate is to provide our clients with innovative legal solutions, excellent legal representation, sound legal counsel, and a dedication to quality customer service.

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Civil law, civilian law or Roman law is a legal system originating in Europe, intellectualized within the framework of late Roman law and followed by a majority of the countries worldwide in its most core and distinct nature. Its most inimitable feature is that its core principles are codified into a referable system which serves as the primary source of law. Civil law constitutes a colossal part of the Indian Legal system. It’s a code understood by many but professed by a few.

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Compassionate, Result-oriented, and Experienced Representation, that’s what you’ll get while working with us. We have years of experience in protecting the interests and rights of our clients and we understand that they don’t want to hear excuses, they want results, and that is the reason why we work day and night so that our clients can get the best and swift legal service for their matrimonial issues.

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An Experienced team of legal attorneys who will fight for your family’s best interest no matter what – that’s who we are. We provide comprehensive services to the clients who are going through a rough patch and need important family matters to be resolved. We will make sure that you get the full benefits of the creative approaches that we use for finding the right solutions for the clients. Just tell us about your family issues, and we will take care of the rest.

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The court marriage is a formal union of a man and a woman, typically solemnized by legal procedure in a law Court, by which they become husband and wife.Making all the arrangements for your beautiful wedding ceremony is enough. Your marriage won't be legal unless you get it registered. Court marriages are solemnized under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. Court marriage can be performed between an Indian male and a female irrespective of their caste, religion or creed. It can also be solemnized between an Indian and a foreigner. The procedure of the Court marriages does away with the rituals and ceremonies of the traditional marriages.

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