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About Us - ACP Gautam Associate

Advocates in Delhi has established a team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers to represent clients in litigation cases before all courts including various high courts, district courts, session courts and the supreme court of india. The advocates of the firm also have the experienced to present the case before tribunals, quasi - judicial authorities etc. The litigations handled by the lawyers of the firm include constitutional, civil, commercial, labor and regulatory disputes. The firm also has the experience in handling the arbitrations cases conducted under the rules of Indian counsel of arbitration, international chamber of commerce, the London court of international arbitration and other such institutions and associations.

The litigation lawyers in Delhi of the legal firm are experienced enough to resolve the complex cases to the satisfaction of the client. The understanding of the administrative, legislative and executive brances of the government of the country help the firm to provide uniuque solutions to the cases of the clients from various backgrounds. The firm has, best civil litigation lawyers in Delhi, to handle the complex, multi - juridictional litigations which require coordination of mutliple resources. Lawyers of the firm also handle international litigations , alternative dispute resolutions and arbitrations.

The firm has created a separate team of lawyers to deal with all litigation cases and present the case in the concerned court or seek out of the court resolution of the case in the amicable atmosphere.