Best Drt Lawyers In Delhi

Debt recovery tribunals were established by the parliament Act 51 of 1993, by the government of India, for expeditious recovery of loans to banks and financial institutions. The debt recovery tribunals are also the appellant authority for filing appeals against the proceeding of the secured creditors.

The Legal firm advocates in Delhi is known for its dedicated services at the highest professionals levels to help the clients in banking and financial issues and debt recovery cases in various tribunals. The Best Drt Lawyers in Delhi, represent banks, insurance companies, financial institutions, and mortgage companies. We also prepare and draft pleadings of debt recovery cases for giving maximum relief to our clients from banking and financial institutions.

The services also include reviewing and preparing legal notices in relations to banking, and financial activities. The legal advice is also provided to the financial institutions with regard to their capital requirement, initial public offering, structured finance and public finance.

Our lawyers go into the case to understand the uniqueness of the case as we understand that the debtors may not be at fault and the system may not be giving them adequate time for repayment. We help the client to get the maximum rooms and deal with legal notices and challenges in the recovery of loans.

The deep knowledge about the working of financial institution help us to get immediate relief to the client. The systematic preparation of cases and collective approach of our experts helps us to come up with simple, practical and effective legal services to our clients.