Court Marriage Advocate In Delhi

The experienced and highly qualified lawyers of the advocates in Delhi help the couples to get legal consultancy in court marriage and after marriage help them to get the marriage certificate in the same day. The courr marriage lawyers in Delhi manage all the documentation work needed for the court marriage in India.

The court marriage for Hindu couples are performed under the Hindu marriage Act 1955. The couples who do not belong to the Hindu religion can get the court marriag certificate under the special marriage Act, 1954. The Court Marriage Advocate in Delhi, help the couples to fulfill all the legal requirements before the court marriage. The couples have to ensure that they are above the minimum age of 18 years for the bride and 21 age for the groom on the day of the marriage and they ar not related to each other in some relations which are prohibited under the law. At the time of the marriage, the three witnesses have to be presented there with their authentic documents and addresses.

The court marriage in Delhi can also be performed between a foreigner and an India. In this case, no objection certificate is needed from the embassy of the country of the foreign partner in Delhi. The services of the advocates in Delhi will ensure that no one can interfere with the marriage proceedings by getting a restraint order from the civil court. The high court order can also be obtained against police, to give protection to the couples, if any police official is not protecting the right of the couple.