Family Law Firms In Delhi

Family law in India is a complex collection of laws enacted by the parliament with due consideration to the socio economic landscape of the India. Since there is no uniform civil code in the country, and the presence of various religion groups, the family law in the country includes the personal law applicable to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. The issues covered under the family law are marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance, adoption, wills and successions.

The other cases that are handled by the lawyers of the advocates in Delhi legal firm are dowry cases, reinstitution of conjugal rights, the right of Hindu woman in the undivided property, rights of Muslim woman, registration of marriages, divorce cases among NRIs. We also handle cases under domestic violence act.

Our long experience and knowledge help us to give the highly customised services under the various laws of the family law. We, as one of the reputed Family Law firms in Delhi deal with all issues covered under the Hindu marriage Act 1955, Dowry prohibition Act 1961, Special marriage Act 1954, and protection of woman from the domestic violence Act 2005. Our highly experienced lawyers represent the client in session court, high court, and the supreme court of the country.

Since cases under the family law are unique, we offer the services by taking the finer details of the cases to provide the highly effective legal solutions. We keep the client informed of all options and actions needed in the cases.